Wazam Energy Materials

    Zhejiang Wazam Energy Materials Co., Ltd. , founded since 2017. It's an advanced manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and distribution of aluminum-plastic pouch materials.

    Wazam Energy gathers industrial technicians, possesses self-developing talents. In addition, introduced the latest coating and inspection facilities from overseas. Adopting improved coating technology with high-precision surface inspection and control system to build a real AI based lines. We are committed to be the leading manufacturer of aluminum plastic pouch in China.

    Wazam Energy introduces products below: W1-113 for 3C application W3-153 for EV application, W5-86 ultra-thin aluminum plastic pouch for smart phone application.

    W1 series product approved by stringent customer's verification test in a short time with excellent performance and distinct quality. Presently W1-113 has been widely used in 3C、electronics、bluetooth gadgets and a few more application.

    As a new entrant of energy materials, we keep selecting the advanced origin materials as the fine base with applying latest coating and inspection technology to produce the state of the art materials. Aiming to fulfill the vision of manufacturing localization, we persist to be better and keen to be the most reliable supplier for our clients in the near future.