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Communication Materials Research Institute



    Huazheng New Materials attaches great importance to product and technological innovation, and has always placed product development and technological research in an important position of the company's strategy since its establishment. As a research platform serving the strategic landing of the entire company, the Institute was successfully selected as the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2020 (Batch 27), and successfully passed the review in 2022.

    Based on key common technologies such as formulation technology, structural design technology and interface combination technology, and supported by diversified molding technologies such as prepreg/coating, hot pressing and high precision machining technology, the Institute has formed a multi-field and multi-direction collaborative research and development model to rapidly promote the research and development of new materials, new technologies and new products. At the same time, the Institute adopts reciprocal cooperation, joint research and other ways of collaborative innovation, and establishes multi-level, multi-channel and multi-form industry-university-research cooperation models with universities, research institutes and enterprises, so as to jointly cultivate talents, improve the ability of technology digestion, absorption and application transformation, and solve the problem of industry technical bottleneck.

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